World DJ Festival 2013

dhfestOn top of Monday-itis, the recuperation from one of the most manic weekends I have had in a while is now in progress. Festival season has officially begun for me starting with The World DJ Festival that just took place in Korea. Sleep was a foreign term used over the weekend. There was no way of getting back to Seoul until the 5am trains started running again – but thankfully after getting through the first night my body became numb and I was running on a high of trance & dance. Even with torrential rain, the party continued and if I could… I would do it all again this weekend! STILL THE WHOLE SUMMER TO GO – Get into the Festi season! Next festival in Seoul is UMF ULTRA!!!  
















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Strawberry Kisses xxx

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gladiator spots

Vogue Korea: Sky Fall

Two favourite things of the summer: Gladiators & Polka Dots

Gladiators are dominating the must have summer shoe lists. Both high and low, gladiators are coming in every shape & form. I haven’t sported a pair since summer 2008 and I am V. excited for them to march back into my closet… with the first day I have been able to take a cold shower without cowering, opted for an iced latte instead of a warming skinny capp. and been able to bare my pins…. its time to start building my summer 2013 shoe army… any gladiators are definitely in the front line.

I am also seeing spots…. the streets of Seoul are filled with different polka dot combinations… I have to say a personal fav is the Paul Smith jean which just exude summer wear; light denim, white spots and ankle length (perfect to show off the soon to be bought gladiators).

Count down till June 1 begins…

Nailed it!

SAMSUNGA pet peeve of mine is not having my nails done. I hate looking down at my nails typing and seeing them all chipped or holding a champagne glass with a totally unworthy hand. One of the best things about Korea is their nail salons… not only because there are SO MANY OF THEM but also because they are SO CHEAP (and fast).

I have an hour for lunch – and yes I could eat … but who has time for that these days … instead I ran to Chars Nail the local, popular haunt of my work colleagues for a quick mani fix. Usually I like to decorate my nails with a bright splash of color, but when I got to Chars, I decided When in Seoul and dared for a fuschia gradation (my color of the week)….a bit out of place with my sleek corporate attire, but totally hello kitty street chic!


A one color job – 14’000 KRW
Additional colors – an extra 3’000 KRW
My gradation – 24’000 KRW (WORTH IT)




(Nail Polish: OPI)

Enter: Access stairs from the street, Chars Nail is on the 2nd floor. (NOTE: From Street the shop sign reads CHARLES NAILS – I don’t know which is right the sign or the card?)

chars nails

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La Citta


Just before I begin, I just want to set the record straight…  I am not claiming to be a connoisseur of Italian cuisine, but as I am so fortunate to be able to call Italy my home, I definitely hold high standards and have had my fair share of food (the amount of kilos I gain when there… is shameful). But I have to say…the most difficult food to compare to is La Pizza of Italy. Italians have a strict 3 topping rule because they love to enjoy flavor. They feel too many ingredients overpower the pizza– the rest of the world (and I will include myself) disagrees. We pile toppings on toppings on toppings! Today, I finally found a pizza in Seoul that actually had not only a crisp, thin base, but was also peppered with flavorsome, juicy tomatoes!! Most people would assume the Margarita pizza is one you can’t go wrong with, but I have found it is the hardest to replicate. You need the perfect amount of cheese (too much is too overpowering, too little is very bland), succulent tomatoes and a touch of basil. I would have to say La Citta, downtown Jung-gu, ticked every box – and to top it all off it wasn’t overly oily (thats a deal breaker). Not only was the pizza (₩12,000) delicious but so was the cheesy garlic bread that came as a starter.

 La Citta had a unique décor, bold, vintage shutters patterned the walls, state-of-the-art windows shaped of forks and spoons lined the exterior while quirky cutlery and old, used wine bottles finished the off-beat interior design. Although the waitors/waitresses were friendly, I would ask for meals to be served at the same time as our parties plates were coming out one by one with lengthy gaps in-between (by the time I got to my pizza it was cool).



A recommendation to you would be for this time of year take a jacket and don’t sit in the doorway. With the traffic going in and out of the restaurant the wind could sweep you off your chair, and the blankets they provide, although take the edge off, still don’t cut it.

La Citta
Italian Cuisine
: Seoul Signature Tower Block 99  Supyp-dong, Jung-gu

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It may be spring… but today I was really really jealous of this precious little puppy and his fluffy coat! OFFICIALLY SICK OF WINTER!!!! - picture perfect in Samcheong-dong

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You’re about to have a TART ATTACK!!

1364964423454Pastel De Nada, is a house dedicated to Portuguese egg tarts. A sweet treat to get you through the day, there is a wide selection of tarts to choose from if not a fan of the original egg tart including;

  • Sweet Potato
  • Citron
  • Pumpkin
  • Red bean
  • Walnut
  • Chocolate
  • Apple & Cinnamon

(My favorite is the Citron)

Not only do they sell these delicious delights but the certified baristas at Pastel de Nada make a phenomenal coffee – which I struggle to find in Seoul.














xx Lucy Adella

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Well Hello, Haero

SAMSUNGA little Korean treasure hidden down a back street in the Jung-gu area, Haero has more to it than what meets the eye. From the outside all you see is a sliding door and imagine a dark, dingy room lying behind it. In disbelief, I walked through the door into a wooden haven with brass embellishments. With young owners, this place definitely exudes a young, trendy vibe although don’t feel like it’s pigeonholed, the clientele ranges from hipster to corporate.  

For those out there who do not speak or read Korean, be prepared as the menu is local, although there are small pictures on the side which will help you gather an understanding of what the dish contains. Luckily I was with my Korean crew so translation was not an issue for me. If you do not like seafood, I wouldn’t suggest this place as most dishes on the menu contain tuna and shellfish. But if majority wins out and you end up here anyways you won’t go hungry… The chef was flexible and left out the seafood element of the tofu dish. Also the dish comes with rice; my suggestion is to mix the rice in with the soup to make it more filling.

The key component across the board is SPICE, so if you don’t like it hot, again I wouldn’t recommend this eatery. But if you do… it’s a must!! The delicious chili flavor entices the palette and warms the body – Perfect for a chilly day (no pun intended).


The service is really good, the food comes out fast if in a hurry and the best part you get a free coffee when you leave… what else could you ask for??

It is going to take a little bit of searching (and to be honest I am still in the process of narrowing down the location on a map). But if you know someone who is Korean I have included a photo of the Korean name – could come in handy. ENJOY!



xx Lucy Adella

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Best Patty’s in Town


Lunch hour mayhem  is expected in Seoul, everyone is frantically trying to find refuge away from their desk between midday till 1pm. Today was no different, in fact it was worse. Venturing outside the downtown corporate domain was out of the question with dreary weather and constant rain. My name was already down at 3 restaurants (all with 30 minute waits), and the exploration continued for better options… My team and I went to check the status of the restaurants in the Mirae Asset building. The outlook was no different, but to be honest we were all getting a little tired of running in between restaurants and set our sights on PATTY PATTY. With its name in lights, cosmopolitan décor, walls covered in prints of downtown NYC & black leather booths, this restaurant exuded a stylish, urbane atmosphere (which was quite surprising for a burger joint).


Winner! My burger was delicious. As you all know I don’t eat red meat, but I highly recommend the 19 Gold Chicken burger topped with extra cheese- definitely worth a little extra! The portion size was perfect for me, but if you are feeling hungry you do have the option of upgrading  the size of your patty from 180g to 200g. Price was relatively inexpensive with burgers starting at ₩6,500 and the added benefit of having constant drink refills. Based on the reviews of my colleagues they highly recommend for all of you who love your red meat, the BRB. There are also selections of starters, snacks and several choices of hot wings. One more restaurant I can add to my list – will not be staying away too long.

BRB Burger

BRB Burger

Center One Building, 67 Suha-dong, Jung-gu (중구 수하동 67번지 센터원빌딩); +82 2 6030 8940; daily, 11:30 a.m.-11 p.m.

xx Lucy Adella

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